Wellness Checks

Serving as your representative, we conduct our Wellness Checks in a professional courteous face to face interview with the individual at their earliest convenience. Our interview techniques will help you to uncover the true facts of the matter you wish to have investigated. We gather and consolidate evidence through the words a subject provides during a statement. We also pay attention to non-verbal cues, voice tones, mannerisms and the tone and speed at which they speak. Their reactions provides insight into potential leads to follow up on. Our interview can be recorded on audio tape or video tape, upon request.

Our interviews only provide you with further information needed to prove or disprove allegations or assumptions. Our interviews are performed legally. We are not law enforcement, so of course we cannot interrogate or force someone to interview. We abide by all discovery requests, local, state and federal laws.

These interviews can be conducted with your own set of questions or with one of our own that includes all pertinent information to such a visit.

Questions about this Service?

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