Regardless of the objective, much can be learned by observations of a person or place of interest! To determine activity of a residence or business, and with individuals, their associates, employment or general level of activity. The most need/request for Covert Surveillance focuses on questionable disability claims and infidelity. Our Surveillance Services can be utilized in many types of investigations.

Carswell Investigators use surveillance to obtain information and document evidence on many different levels from Auto Liability and Worker’s Compensation fraud services to Infidelity and Child Custody Cases.

We always utilize experienced Investigators that have years of successful surveillance experience. Combining experience, proper training, and the latest technology is how we have created a model that produces the best results in the industry. Surveillance is a minute by minute evaluation process. The surveillant has to be constantly alert to monitor all activity, to evaluate and implement effective strategy to meet the objective, never compromising the safety of themselves or others, while always maintaining covert status.

Surveillance person: 1 or multiple

Surveillance effort: Hourly, half-day, full-day, and flat-rates available.

Standard Surveillance Video:  Types of cameras we use: DVD, HD, External HD, HDD, Ultra HD, and waterproof extreme sport cameras.

Covert Surveillance: Pin-hole lens sized commercially available discreet covert cameras and custom camera’s designed and built specifically for Globex that can be found nowhere else.

Vehicles: Tinted, discreet, and equipped with interior cameras that are invisible from the exterior.

Typical Final Product for a full surveillance day:

  • 8 hours on-site.
  • Well-written concise court-ready report documenting all information, activity and video gained. The report contains photographs of the activity.
  • A photograph of the location.
  • A copy and back-up of the video.
  • Our recommendations for further handling of the case.

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