Surveillance – Background Checks – Insurance Fraud



Few investigations call on just a single discipline. The team at Carswell will work with you to  bundle the exact combination of Services required complete each specific case. Our Investigative Team has the ability to customize each Investigation Service Package to adapt to any client case requirement.

Listed below are our most frequently requested/used services. Click any one for for more  details. However, keep in mind that they are not all there. New  innovative technologies and techniques become available each day. So our packages are never limited to just the services you see below. Speak to one of our consultants to find out what our Carswell professionals can do for you.


We work directly with our clients to determine their needs then devise an investigative approach that is custom fit for their specific investigation.  Simple, smart, legal, cost/time effective  and ethical. Best of all, you get to communicate directly with an investigator throughout the process. 

 Our clients should never have to  wonder if everything that could have been done was done for them. ~D. Carswell

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Surveillance - Background Checks - Insurance Fraud
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