PIP Fraud


Medical Center Surveillance

This type of surveillance provides solid evidence as to how many people are attending a clinic on a daily basis. This type of surveillance also determines if a specific individual is attending as much as they are billing for. This method also determines how many Doctors are on duty and for how long they are present. We also do our absolute best to obtain all vehicle tag information. We do all of this by continuously filming the clinic from when they open and until they close. The continuous footage helps remove human error from the documentation process providing a fully accurate account of what has transpired at the clinic on that day.

 This service includes:

  •  A full day of continuous footage from when the clinic opens until it closes.
  •  A detailed report documenting all arrival and departure times of all employees and patients.
  • A list of all vehicles and vehicle tag information, when obtainable.
  • Photographs of the location and surrounding area.
  • Our recommendations for future handlings of the case.

Questions about this Service?

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