Established in 1993 Carswell  Investigations has brought together a diversely skilled team of private investigators with individual experiences reaching back decades through commercial investigations and private investigations services. Our clients range from private individuals through to small businesses and government organizations. 

Our private investigators specialise in the corporate and legal end of private investigations, utilising the latest methods and technology to provide corporate intelligence, private investigation, litigation support and evidence or finding missing people for whatever reasons.

Our work and contacts extend all throughout the U.S. delivering wide coverage on services like asset tracing, surveillance, fraud investigations, due diligence, missing persons and background vetting. This reach, coupled with the experience of our private and corporate investigators, ensures consistent delivery of results that exceed client expectations.

Our Founder


Dexter Carswell began his career as a private investigator 21 years ago. Upon completing High School in 1991 Mr. Carswell earned his Associate degree in Private investigation from City College in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Mr. Carswell calls upon the experience he has gained as a Florida Defense Investigator performing day to day surveillance on bodily insurance cases, worker’s compensation cases and undercover operations which has made Carswell Investigation a reputable and successful company. Mr. Carswell utilizes his experience to instruct and train his staff proper, ethical and adequate surveillance techniques.

Our Approach

Always using the latest tech our Investigators enjoy helping Individuals, Businesses and Organizations meet their due diligence, navigating complex financial transactions investigation or providing dedicated surveillance and observation services.  Our approach is always comprehensive and experience lead.

Here at Carswell, every client receives market-leading expertise, custom tailored solutions and definitive answers to every question from our experienced corporate and private investigators. Simply put, we love what we do.